A doula is like…

your personal servant, your guide, and your best support in parenthood.

What if you had a professional best friend on call for you from the moment you decided to start a family?


Your Personal Assistant for Parenting is here


Hi, I’m Taylor.

I’m a birth and postpartum doula, on a mission to serve you with wisdom and kindness through one of the most vulnerable and universe-altering experiences of your life.


What I Can Do For You

As a doula with training and knowledge in physiologic birth, emotional, and physical support techniques, I hope to help you create positive memories of your birth and postpartum period, especially because you will remember it well for the rest of your life.


Services Offered

I support pregnant people through all of the possible outcomes of a pregnancy. and I support families of all kinds and sizes. Below are some of my offerings, but to get a more personalized evaluation of what I can do for you, send me an email!



This usually involves 2 prenatal visits, on-call attendance at your birth, and 1 postpartum visit.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Attendance with you at your appointments, and home support.

Postpartum or adoption/fostering

This usually involves a couple hours a day for a week or more.

Aromatherapy Birth Planning

A written plan for the safe use of oils and aromas in birth.


August 2018

“You did such an amazing job in your training. You are truly a natural!! Families will be so lucky to have you as their doula!”

-Aliza Bancoff / International Doula Institute



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