2 prenatal visits will give us an opportunity to get to know one another, and so I can get a clear idea of what you envision for your birth. I will be available throughout your pregnancy as a resource of information and emotional support.

I stay on call around your due date by not scheduling any other births during that time, and not scheduling any personal or family activities that require me to be away. I will attend the whole birth, even if it is a long labor. Doula services also account for 1 follow up postpartum visit.


What’s Included

2 prenatal visits

On-call Birth availability

1 postpartum visit


Postpartum Support

Good postpartum care should include good sleep, good nutrition, and tons of support and love. Postpartum work includes light housework, baby care, emotional support, and expert guidance on sleep shaping.

This service usually involves hourly rates for a few hours per day. It can be purchased in week-long increments or in a package.

What’s Included

light housework

newborn and postpartum care

sibling support

meal prep


Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Parenting was never meant to be done alone. And that is true even more so with pregnancy and infant loss. I would be honored to be your companion along your journey of grief and loss. We will help make and honor memories of your baby, grieve together, and help you celebrate the beautiful life lived, however short.

What’s Included

Birth attendance

Blessingway or funeral arrangement support

postpartum support


Adoption and Fostering

An adoptive parent makes room for a baby much in the same way a postpartum mother does. We all tear open, make space, and our lives are changed completely. Adoption and fostering present their own unique challenges, like dealing with the courts, last-minute preparation, long waiting periods, and sometimes loss. I offer ‘postpartum’ hours when the new addition is around, and phone support during transfers and court dates.

What’s Included

Phone Support

Home support for a new family member


Aromatherapy Birth Plans

Want to know how to use essential oils safely, which ones to choose, and when and how to use them during your birth or postpartum? We can write up a plan together to use this effective tool to best suit your needs.

What’s Included

Written birth or postpartum plan for aromatherapy